Tutorial Dasar 3ds Max - Introduction to Modeling

Tutorial Dasar 3ds Max - Introduction to Modeling

Tutorial Dasar 3ds Max
Tutorial Dasar 3ds Max - Introduction to Modeling
Only 490Mb | Free

Learn a fundamental workflow to Polygon, NURBS, and Splined-based modeling and time-saving techniques to creatively utilizing the robust tools available in 3ds Max. Contains nearly 4 hours of self-paced training for artists new to modeling in 3ds Max and experienced artists seeking a refresher.

    * NURBS Workflow
    * Polygon Workflow
    * Splines and Patches Workflow
    * Scene Organization with Layers
    * Smoothing Methods
    * Working with Sub-objects
    * Sub-object Selection Methods
    * Adding Viewport Background Images
    * Scale Deformation
    * Cloning Geometry and Shapes
    * Mirroring Geometry
    * Sweep Modifier
    * Shell Modifier
    * Symmetry Modifier
    * Surface Modifier
    * FFD Modifiers
    * Lathe Modifier
    * Modifier Stack
    * Moving Pivot Points
    * Transforming Geometry and Shapes
    * Modifying Creation Parameters
    * Creating Booleans
    * Attaching and Detaching Objects
    * Welding Vertices
    * Rendering and Viewing Curves
    * HSDS Modifier for Subdivision Surfaces

Download Link: 
http://netload.in/dateiQYPWYl1zbd/Introduction to Modeling in 3DS Max.part1.rar.htm
http://netload.in/dateiwRnpOg3vEz/Introduction to Modeling in 3DS Max.part2.rar.htm
http://netload.in/dateiKj3sXnVNv2/Introduction to Modeling in 3DS Max.part3.rar.htm

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