Nikon D90 - DVD Guides

Nikon D90 - DVD Guides

Nikon D90 DVD Guides
Magic Lantern DVD Guides: Nikon D90
English | Duration: 1h 22m | MPEG4 | 720x480 | 29.97fps 1338kbps | MP3 128kbps 48.0KHz | 786MB
Genre: eLearning

I bought this gift for my father for Christmas, he was looking for a book on the D90, but none are currently available, so i thought a DVD would be better. AND BOY WAS I RIGHT! This DVD is very professionally done, and it can literally show and walk you through all the features as opposed to a book which is more limited in showing multiple images and steps in a print format. With the video, they literally just show you each step and it's very detailed and thorough. He enjoyed it, and plans to watch it a couple of times. THey also share some tips at the end which are really helpful to hear a professional share. Enjoy if you don't like to keep a book or flip through those!
- Features & Controls
- Image Quality & Formats
- Shooting Modes
- Menu Navigation & Custom Settings
- Choosing the Best Focus Mode
- Flash Photography
- Getting Exposure & White Balance Right
- 24 fps D-Movie mode and much more!

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