Dr.Web Anti-Virus & Security Space 7 Final

Dr.Web Anti-Virus & Security Space 7 Final

Dr.Web Anti-Virus & Security Space 7 Final. Dr.Web Anti-Virus is a powerful combination of anti-virus scanner Doctor Web, resident caretaker SpIDer Guard and Firewall Dr.Web, is deeply integrated into the operating system of your computer. One of the most advanced in the world of heuristic analyzers Doctor Web, combined with daily updated virus databases provide a solid defense, impenetrable to any virus, "Trojan horse", e-mail worm and other malicious code.

Dr.Web Anti-Virus & Security Space 7 Final - the best solution for comprehensive protection of your PC from Internet threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms, hacking utilities, computer scams, spam, phishing messages, infected web pages and cyber criminality, directed against the measure detey.Vazhnym quality anti-virus program is not only its ability to detect viruses, but also to treat them, not just delete the infected files, together with important information for the user, and return them to their original "healthy" state.

Benefits of Dr. Web Security Space Pro:
Complete PC protection solution;
Protection in the "online";
Industry-leading treatment for active infections;
Can be installed directly on the infected machine;
The unique technology of the lock had not even known threats;
Full scan of the archives at any level of nesting;
Better detection and neutralization of complex viruses, such as MaosBoot, Rustock.C, Sector;
Spam filtering and all kinds of junk e-mail spam without the need for training;
A reliable test for the summer of inbound and outbound http-traffic;
Effective protection of children from inappropriate content;
Protection from unauthorized external access, data leak prevention, blocking suspicious connections at the packet level, and applications.

The main components of protection:
Efficient detection of all types of threats (Scanner Dr.Web);
Security in real time (file monitor SpIDer Guard ®);
Countering rootkit technology (Dr.Web Shield ™);
Clean-mail virus-free (mail monitor SpIDer Mail ®);
No spam and unwanted messages (spam Dr.Web);
Shield from Internet threats (Web Anti-Virus SpIDer Gate ™);
Control over the Internet surfing (parental control Dr.Web);
Protection against network attacks (Firewall Dr.Web).

What's new in version 7 Final:
Appeared service that manages all the services DrWeb, configuration, statistics, self-defense, keys, remote control, parental control, etc.
Storage configuration is fully transferred to the registry. INI-file no longer exists.
The configuration of the agent interface components in full (for each component has its own module configuration)
The new service (Clean filter) test traffic (HTTP and mail) SpiderGate SpIDerMail, modules are no longer needed.
On modern operating systems, starting with Windows Vista, and then use the new driver to intercept traffic.
A new mechanism of virus definition updates;
Functional licensed agent.
There is a new feature - remote control and configure the antivirus within sight of the network.
The new firewall.
The new scanner.
The possibility of protection Anti password.

Key features:
Improved! Scanner Dr.Web - more reliable detection and neutralization of viruses and malware on hard drives, removable media and memory.
New! Radically new SpIDer Guard ® - an even more efficient interception "on the fly" all the files on disk, diskette, CD / DVD / Blue-ray drives, Flash-and smart cards
Improved! Protection from viruses, using rootkit-technologies
Improved! Detection and neutralization of virus present in memory and never met in separate files
Protection against unknown threats using technologies nesignaturnogo search Origins Tracing ™ and intellectual Dr.Web heuristic analyzer
Improved! Detection of viruses in the files at any nesting sites and packed
Improved! Scans files, compressed packers, including those not known, with the help of technology FLY-CODE ™
Improved! Check incoming and outgoing mail for viruses protocols SMTP/POP3/NNTP/IMAP
Protection against mass mailings performed by a mail worm
New! Protection against unauthorized access from outside, to prevent leaks of sensitive data over the network, blocking suspicious connection to the packet level and application
On-demand scans \ individual schedules audits PC
Automatically receive updates Dr.Web virus database on any frequency desired
Automatic notifications about infected, suspicious objects or incurable
Reminders of the need for updates of virus databases
Centralized management of settings of all components
Transparent operation - detailed reports on each module

Dr.Web Anti-Virus & Security Space 7 Final

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