Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Full Version

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Full Version

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Adobe Premiere Pro adalah salah satu program penyunting video terbaik yang sangat sangat banyak di pakai para Production House. Jika Adobe Primier untuk menyunting video lain halnya dengan after effects yang di khususkan buat intro video atau lebih jelasnya untuk pengeditan video yang berdurasi pendek... so, jika sobat yang pengen hasil penyuntingan video sobat makin oke dan kaya akan fieture effect saran gw pergunakanlah adobe primier ini. Ada beberapa film yang penyuntingannya di buat dengan software ini di antaranya Dust to Glory, Captain Abu Raed, dan Superman Returns, dan Confessions Tour oleh Madonna.

Features software Adobe Premiere Pro CS6:
- Changes in user interface to speed up the editing and video editing
- Supports most of video formats
- Supports most popular image formats
- Supports most audio formats
- Convert and download the Flash SWF format is very popular and common
- Compatibility and ability to communicate between different types of camcorders and photography
- Import feature a variety of audio formats, video and CD movies from CDs and DVDs
- Import files with different formats to a variety of portable devices
- Making films with high quality and compact disc format Blu-rey
- Very beautiful and various effects for different purposes
- Ability to read captioned videos
- Full compatibility with Adobe After Effects software
- Export files to feature over 20 different formats, including AVI, MPEG, MPEG2, EPEG 2 DVD and ...
- Ability to set different quality of sound and images
- Undo and Redo an unlimited use
- Preparation for the release of movies in web pages
- Very easy to use software without training
- DVD quality feature film with Interactive menus
- Full compatibility with most software companies Adobe, the Adobe Photoshop
- Ability to burn CDs on a variety of Maltese media files
- Support high-quality Dolby Digital sound
- Faster processing of new nuclear
- Full compatibility with the main system processor and graphics processor
- Speed ​​up application performance due to optimization
- Ability to install only on Windows 64-bit
- Full compatibility with digital cameras
- Support for Digital Camera DSLR
- Ability to search the Internet to find a DVD with Encore
- Audio editing capabilities with a very powerful mixer
- Compatibility with different versions of Windows, including the popular Windows 7



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